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Self Bailer Conversion Kit

Self Bailer Conversion Kit

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Convert your packraft to a self bailer with one of these self-install kits. The kits come in 4 sizes and include all parts necessary for the conversion except a hole punch and urethane compatible glue. 

These kits are designed for boaters who are experienced at modifying their packrafts with a quality urethane compatible glue (Helaplast PU Adhesive) and are willing to spend the time getting the sleeve placement correct before glueing. If you are not comfortable with this process, we recommend purchasing a factory self bailer or contacting our repair & retrofit centre.

Note: Due to limited availability, it may take up to 12 weeks to ship your order for any self bailing conversion kits.

These self-install kits allow you to convert your packraft to a self bailer! The kit includes the same seating system as we use in our self bailing Alpacka Series–a 3/4 length seat, an inflatable footrest, and a sleeve to hold the 3/4 length seat in place.  The seat sleeve is attached to 2-inch wide strips of fabric for gluing to the floor of your packraft and which also provide reinforcement for punching the self bailing holes.

Sizing is based on our small (Alpaca), medium (Yak), large (Llama), and extra large (Mule) Alpacka Series models. The Fjord Explorer is in between the large and extra large sizes and can be adapted with either, although the fit is not as good as the standard models.

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