BUILT TO ORDER - Alpacka Scout - Ultralight Packraft

BUILT TO ORDER - Alpacka Scout - Ultralight Packraft

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BUILT TO ORDER - Alpacka Scout

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As light as it gets! You need the lightest possible packraft? The Alpacka Scout is your ticket! Weighing as low as 1630grams, the ultralight Alpacka Scout is everything you need when weight and space is premium. So light and small you won't even know it is in your pack ;) Perfect for fastpacking, crossing rivers, ski touring, canyoneering, mountain lake exploration and fishing.

The 4th Generation Alpacka Scout (1630grams) is the most comfortable and competent mountain lake and canyoneering packraft Alpacka has ever built. The hull shape is derived from the Classic, and provides substantially better tracking and paddling performance than previous generation Scout models. It also has additional legroom and is comfortable for paddlers up to 6’2”. The Scout features a lightweight 210d nylon tube fabric and 420d floor. The Scout is also an excellent option for kids, summer trips to the local lake, and easy flatwater floats on the local river.

We recommend the Alpacka Refuge for extended packrafting and backcountry trips with more paddling.

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- Flat water paddling, lakes and easy river tours
- Canyoneering, exploration, micro adventures
- Urban Packrafting
- Fast packing, adventure races, geocaching
- Adventures when small and ultralight gear matters most
- Also great for the kids and family fun at the lake and sea


MANUFACTURING: Hand made by Alpacka Raft in Colorado, USA

SHAPE: Classic Hull


VALVE: Temper assist valve for inflation and deflation

ATTACHMENTS: 1 stern grab loop and 1 seat toggle

SEATING & RIGGING: Scout Seat Included


MATERIALS: Proprietary lightweight 210-denier high count nylon hull and 420-denier nylon floor (Made in USA)

INCLUDES: Inflation Bag, Stuff Sack, and Basic Repair Kit

RECOMMENDED GEAR: Astral Willis 515 PFD Swimvest, Aquabound Whiskey 4 Piece Paddle 205cm, TNP Rapa 206cm, Alpacka Pack-A-Pump


OPEN BUILD: The Scout is available only in the open build configuration. The Refuge adds a whitewater deck, cargo fly, and bow grab loops to the 4th Generation Scout hull.


Exterior Length - 219cm
Exterior Width - 87cm
Interior Length - 117cm
Interior Width - 36cm
Weight* - 1630grams
Packed Size** - 30x16cm
Max Capacity*** 113kgs

*Weight includes all components except inflation bag and repair kit.

**Packed size is a reference measurement based on folding each lengthwise edge of the boat to the centre and rolling from the bow. There are many other methods of rolling and folding the boats that will result in a different packed size that may be more or less efficient for packing depending on the situation.

***Max Capacity is the maximum total weight (paddlers and cargo) that the boat can reasonably carry in flatwater under ideal conditions. Actual capacity for any given trip will vary widely based on the paddler’s skill and water conditions. Please review our weight carrying capacity guide for further details.