5 Meter, 16mm Red Sling, FLIP LINE

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A sling or flip line is a multi use, multi functional piece of rescue equipment.

It is NOT a packraft perimeter line !

Just attach a caribiner to one end (preferably a locking caribiner for water use) It can be used in a rescue situation as a quick and short throw line, it can also be used to make secure anchor points for setting up mechanical advantage or belay points, also very handy as a tether line to walk the packraft down a rapid (just push your packraft into the flow while you safely walk down the river bank), or as a tether to tie and secure your packraft to the river bank, as a towline to assist other paddlers in still or slow moving water, to recover gear, to tie gear down... The list goes on and on. This is one peice of gear that we never go paddling without.

  • 5 Meter Length
  • 16mm tubular webbing rated to 1000kgs
  • Red for visibility